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Agri-cattle Lakeside Estate Ltd known as Lakeside Estate for short was born into the family of Japan Motors Group of companies also known as the Kalmoni group.

Lakeside estate is the number one private real estate company specialising in affordable housing. Our homes cater for the residential needs of young families and professional individuals. Presently, Lakeside Estate is developing its ultra- modern Community 8. With facilities such as police station, shops, tennis court, well planned street lighting system, solar powered houses, etc.

We can also boast of an award winning recreational facility known as Lakeside Marina Park.

Lakeside Estate takes a lot of customer consideration into account when pricing our homes. This has been possible due to continuous research development activities. During visits of our customers to the site, interaction with existing customers, prospecting and profiling, the marketing team ask relevant questions and collects relevant data on customer expectations and acceptable level of pricing. This data is analysed and the company's overheads as well as acceptable margins are added to provide shareholder value whilst providing solution to the customer's problem of an ideal house


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